7 Resolutions on how to Drive Better this New Year

  • Sit down correctly before driving
    In order to drive safely, you must properly sit down in front of your steering wheel. Place your back against the seat and completely stretch your arm without separating your shoulder from the seat. Place your extended arm on top of the steering wheel with enough space for your wrist to naturally fall.
  • Maintain a Proper Distance
    Maintaining an adequate distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front is vital to avoid crashes. Distance also allows for other cars behind you to get ahead if they’re driving at a higher speed.
  • Use your Lights Correctly
    Use your signing signaling lights correctly and at the right moment. Notify other drivers of your intentions before changing lanes or making a turn with enough time so that they can act properly. Let fellow drivers know your intentions whether you are changing lanes or making a turn so they have enough time to act accordingly.
  • Avoid Distractions
    Getting distracted while driving is a dangerous idea since it prevents you from paying attention to the road and it also decreases your reaction response if needed. Using your cell phone while driving (making a call, texting, or using it for other purposes) can prevent you from being alert on your surroundings. It’s always best to stop the car and then use your cell phone.
  • Don’t Drive if you’re Sleepy
    Being drowsy while driving is almost as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, especially at night. Sleepiness in a driver doesn’t necessarily mean falling asleep while driving, it also means not being able to concentrate due to lack of rest.
  • Keep Calm at All Times
    Even though getting stuck in traffic or having to deal with other drivers’ temper might be extremely frustrating, it is important to keep calm while you’re driving. Getting mad will only distract you and make the situation worse.
  • Observe your Speed Limit
    It might seem obvious, but observing your speed limit is crucial in order to drive in a safe manner. Remember that the higher your speed, the less time you’ll have to react to possible accidents.