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Helpful tips to manage your policy online

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If you ever run into questions or want to talk to a customer service agent, just give us a call. Our agents can do everything you need over the phone.

Creating an Account

To create an account, follow the steps to “register for an account.” Make sure you have a phone number, email address, or policy number associated with your insurance policy.

Managing your policy

After you register your account, you’ll have access to make payments, view your ID, see policy coverage details, report claims, and more.

Paying your bill

Click “payments” in the main menu to display payment receipt history from the last 10 payments. If you need to make a payment online, click “Make a payment”.

Reporting a claim

Click “Report a claim” in the main menu to fill out the electronic notification form to notify our claims team. Upon submission, you’ll be redirected to your carrier’s online form a formal loss of notice.

Requesting a claim update

Click “Request update on an existing claim” to fill out the electronic form that will be go directly to our claims team. Please make sure you have your claim number. Once you fill out the form, our claims team will be in touch with an update.

Printing ID Cards

Click “ID Card” in the main menu and select your vehicle to get your vehicle-specific ID Card. You can download or print it.

Get the Magnum Insurance Mobile App

In addition to all the same great features online, our mobile app gives you additional conveniences like requesting roadside assistance or adding your ID Card to your Wallet