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There is no one-size fits all business insurance policy for business owners because every business is different. While you may get some protection from the type of business structure setup like an LLC or Corporation but that protection is usually limited to your personal property. Business insurance can fill in the gap to make sure both your personal assets and business assets are protected from unexpected events.

Many business insurance policies include basic coverage such a property, liability, crime and commercial auto insurance, as well as optional insurance coverage such as workers compensation. Many small businesses opt for a business owners policy (BOP) which combines commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, crime insurance and other coverages into one convenient package.

Our independent agents shop and compare across a variety of affordable business insurance carriers to help you save time and money. We cover a variety of needs. If you are looking for small business insurance or self-employed insurance, call us for a quote and coverage details. If you need group health insurance for your small business, we offer commercial employer health insurance and company dental insurance plans. If you need insurance packages for your small business, we offer competitive rates on insurance policies for your small business as well as employer liability. We cover just about everything so give us a call and let us know how we can save you time and money.

General liability insurance

This policy covers the most common risks of running a small business, such as accidental customer injuries. It’s often required for client contracts and commercial leases.
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Business owner’s policy (BOP)

A BOP combines property insurance and general liability insurance under one joint plan. Often times, it’s the most cost-effective type of commercial insurance for a small business.
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Professional liability insurance

This policy helps cover legal expenses in the event that the business is sued. This type of policy is also known as errors and omissions insurance.
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Workers’ compensation insurance

This policy is required in almost every state for businesses that have employees. It can cover medical costs for work-related injuries and illnesses.
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Liquor liability insurance

This policy provides coverage for legal fees, settlements, and medical costs if alcohol is sold to an intoxicated person who then harms others or damages property.
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