Accidents and Deaths on our Roads

Everyday drivers and passengers die in car accidents in Illinois. There were 1,103 fatalities in 2017, an average of 3 people per day. The worst part of these facts is that a high percentage of these drivers didn’t have an auto insurance that could cover the expenses of the accident.

Usually, 99% of the cases, the accident causes harm to the body and auto. The damages can range from a simple visit to the doctor or fix your car’s paint, to death and or total loss of the auto.

These expenses can be covered by an auto insurance, that can be paid on a monthly basis which will cover the damages within an established agreement.

The limits of the car insurance can go from the minimum requirement by law to 25,00 per person and 50,000 per accident or as high as 100,000-300,000.

When you’re buying a car insurance make sure to ask your agent presents you the different options for coverage and benefits. Usually, the expense of a monthly car insurance fee is minimal compared to the expenses made after an accident has occurred.

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