Keeping Your Kids Safe: Important Car Safety Tips For Your Kids

  • Pay attention to car seat expirations
    In addition to using the correct booster seat or car seat for your child based on age, weight and height, it is also important to pay attention to expiration dates. Many parents are not aware that car seats come with an expiration date, but it is usually printed on the label, imprinted on a plastic part or attached to the bottom. Expiration dates are necessary because the plastic can degrade, parts can wear out, and the seat may no longer be safe for a child.
  • Always buckle up your kids
    Whether your child needs a rear-facing car seat or is old enough for a booster seat, buckling up in the car is still essential. Seat belts still save lives. An estimated 33 percent of children who died in a car accident did not use any restraints. Their lives may have been saved if a parent or caretaker stopped to make sure they were buckled in or using a seatbelt.
  • Watch the temperature
    The interior of a car can get much hotter than the outside temperature. It is possible for a car to heat up 19 degrees in just 10 minutes. Even if the temperature outside is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it can reach over 100 degrees inside the car. Do not leave your kids in a hot car.
  • Make sure you have Car Insurance
    It is important to have a car insurance that will cover your medical bills in the case of an accident. Many times we try to save money on our car insurance and purchase a basic coverage that will not help you or your pocket after an accident. Call us today at 888-539-21-02 and allow one of our agents to tell you all about our coverage and prices.