How to Create your Ideal Landscaping Project

Creating the garden of your dreams isn’t a fast project. However, little by little you will be able to have the dream you’ve always wished for. All you have to do is be patient and give yourself and garden some time to bloom. Here we give you some tips and ideas on how to create your ideal landscaping project.

  1. Combining different plants of the same color or texture is a great idea in order to enhance color or texture coordination throughout your garden.
  2. When you have a limited space, you must take advantage of every corner. Using plants that have multiple purposes are ideal to create a functional, yet beautiful space. Trees and bushes are some of the most important elements to use in a garden and often times we forget about them. Trees and bushes provide height, color, and fill up large spaces. Additionally, you’ll be able to cover your neighbor’s home.
  3. Geometry is crucial for the design of your garden. Play around with shapes, forms, and symmetry. You don’t necessarily have to only use color to create an interesting/fun look. Texture can contribute to the depth and uniqueness of your garden.
  4. If you have a long pathway at the entrance of your home, you can use this space to create a beautiful and impactful designed path. Your pathway can set the tone for the design you’ll have in your back garden.
  5. Conventional gardens are usually designed thinking in a lot vegetation. However, another alternative is to create a landscaping project with minimalistic elements and less vegetation. For instance, you could incorporate wood, exotic plants, and/or rocks.