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Carpentry, and all of its associated professions, is a fulfilling and lucrative job. However, it also bears a lot of unique and costly risks.

If you’re a licensed carpenter, you need to protect yourself from the worst. You can do this by getting carpenter’s insurance, a kind of financial protection that ensures your livelihood is secure no matter what happens.

What Is Carpenters Insurance?

In the US, there are many specializations that fall under the category of carpentry. Framers, cabinet makers, furniture makers, flooring contractors, and even roofers can all be identified as carpentry.

Carpentry is an interesting and varied livelihood, but it’s exposed to plenty of workplace hazards.

You can injure an unrelated third party with your work and be held liable for it. Expensive tools can go missing or be stolen. You or your workers may suddenly get sick. All of these eventualities are common enough, and they can all cause a big dent in your pocket.

If you have a carpentry business, it’s essential that you protect it with carpenters insurance.

This type of insurance is a bundle of related policy coverages that carpenters most commonly get. When a covered situation happens to you, your tools, or your other employees, carpenters insurance will make sure that you won’t have to shoulder all the expenses out of pocket.

In short, carpenters insurance protects you from the devastating financial losses that might arise from unexpected scenarios.

What Does Carpenters Insurance Cover?

As mentioned above, carpenters insurance is a bundle of individual policies that most carpenters need. Some of the most common coverages include:

  • General liability. Covers the cost of legal expenses, medical costs, and settlement fees of incidents that you are held liable for. These incidents may include personal injury and property damage.
  • Commercial property. Protects you from the financial repercussions of unexpected damages to the tools of your trade, such as mechanical saws, drills, heavy equipment, etc.
  • Business owners policy. Combines general liability and commercial property policies in one package.
  • Commercial auto. Covers the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement for any vehicles you use in your business.
  • Workers’ compensation. Protects you or your employees from the financial costs of being injured or sick while performing the job.

These are the most common coverages that carpenters avail when they get insurance policies for their business. However, there are also some optional coverages that you can include in your policy.

For example, you can also talk to your provider to include:

  • Professional liability
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Contractors insurance

How Much Does Carpenters Insurance Cost?

The monthly premium for your carpenter’s insurance can vary depending on several factors, such as the following:

  • Business location
  • Claims history
  • Specific job description

The best way to determine your insurance cost is through a careful assessment of highly qualified insurance providers – something that we do here at Magnum Insurance.

Getting Business Insurance For Carpenters With Magnum Insurance

Your carpentry practice is not just a form of livelihood – it’s also a labor of love. Carpenters insurance is critical to protect this dream and make sure that it does not crumble from any kind of setbacks.

If you consult with us at Magnum Insurance, we can get you the best carpenters insurance to help protect your carpentry practice.

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