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Janitorial services are a necessity for many other businesses and private residences. As long as there are buildings in use, they need to be cleaned regularly.

As such, janitorial businesses are always in high demand. However, they also face risks that can cause financial damages should anything happen. If you own a janitorial company, then you know that it’s essential to protect your business with the best janitorial insurance you can find.

This article will discuss the basics of janitorial insurance so that you’ll know what to look out for when getting one for your business.

What Is Janitorial Insurance?

Janitorial service businesses encompass a wide variety of job descriptions and specialties.  Whether you’re talking about residential or commercial, in-house cleaning or on-site, contractual or otherwise, janitorial service is a broad industry in general.

There are also firms that handle multiple types of cleaning at once, depending on client demand.

As such, janitorial businesses are exposed to plenty of unique risks. For example, your business can:

  • Be sued for liability damages
  • Cause someone’s injury while you are doing your work
  • Damage certain aspects of an on-site location that you are cleaning for
  • Destroy, damage, or lose rugs or upholstery that a customer sent in to be cleaned
  • Pause business operations due to emergencies, such as personal matters or a sick employee

These things can happen to all of us in one way or another. If you’re a business, then you know just how damaging these events can be.

If you’re not protected with janitorial insurance, you’ll be forced to spend out of pocket. Costly expenses such as legal fees, medical fees, or reimbursement of a damaged item can easily set your company back, if not destroy it entirely.

With janitorial insurance, however, you can handle whatever life throws at you – and still have enough resources to clean up the mess.

What Does Janitorial Insurance Cover?

Janitorial insurance is a bundle of common commercial policies optimized for the specific risks of janitorial service firms.

If you want to know what this policy covers, you need to know the most common insurance policies covered by this bundle. These policies include:

  • General liability. Should you be held liable for incidents involving your business, a general liability policy will cover legal fees, medical expenses, settlement bills, and more.
  • Business owner’s policy. Also called a BOP, this is a common insurance policy that bundles both commercial property and general liability insurance for a significant reduction in premiums.
  • Workers’ compensation. If you have employees for your janitorial business, workers’ compensation is government-mandated insurance that you need to have. This insurance covers various costs relating to injuries or sickness at work.
  • Commercial auto. This policy protects you from the unexpected costs of damages to the vehicle you use for your business.

How Much Does Janitorial Insurance Cost?

There are different factors that affect the premium formulation for your janitorial insurance. A few of the most important ones include:

  • Business size
  • Specific job description
  • Desired policy limit

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Janitorial services are some of the fastest expanding businesses around because of the rapid development of our country.

Like with any other business, however, you need to protect your janitorial services business against eventualities that can destroy you.

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