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Masons and bricklayers are essential businesses for the surrounding locale. As long as there are houses and buildings to be built, the world needs the service of good masonry construction to lay it all down.

If you own a masonry contracting company, you should take steps to protect your business from unforeseen incidents. This is where masonry contractor insurance comes in.

This article will discuss this useful financial protection that may just save your business one day.

What is Masonry Insurance?

Masons are expected to perform a variety of projects. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a contracting company owner, mistakes should be minimized as much as possible.

However, accidents can happen to anyone, even when you undertake the appropriate safety measures.

In addition to this, masons regularly deal with heavy machinery and hazardous building materials, so it’s no surprise that they’re exposed to plenty of personal and third-party risks. Some examples of these risks include:

  • Accidental employee or third-party injury
  • Accidental damage to customer’s property
  • Unexpected commercial vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Legal complaints or lawsuits

Should anything wrong happen during the course of your project, you’ll most likely be held liable for it. This means that you’ll be obliged to pay for the damages – and without proper protection, your business can end up suffering.

Masonry insurance protects you from these instances. When a covered situation occurs, your insurance policy will take care of the financial costs of the incident. As a result, you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

What Does Masonry Contractor Insurance Cover?

Masonry insurance is an insurance bundle that is carefully designed to fit the specific risks of your occupation. The most common coverages of a masonry contractor insurance include the following:

  • General liability. When you are held liable for certain situations, you may be required by law to pay legal expenses, medical bills, or even settlement fees. This coverage shoulders all of those costs.
  • Commercial auto. Masonry contractors use commercial vehicles to transport workers and tools for on-site jobs. This policy covers you against the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement to your vehicle.
  • Tools and equipment. This policy covers the costs of repairing or replacing your tools or equipment.
  • Workers’ compensation. This government-mandated policy pays certain benefits to your employees in case they get hurt or sick while on the job.

Those are the most common policies in masonry contractor insurance. However, you can also arrange for your specific policy to include other coverages, including:

  • Business interruption
  • Commercial property
  • Business owner’s policy

How Much Does Masonry Insurance Cost?

The monthly premium you will pay for your business’ masonry insurance will depend on several factors, such as your previous claims history, business size, and location.

To settle on a premium that works for you, you need a reliable and trustworthy insurance agency, such as Magnum Insurance.

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