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With its expansive highways, diverse landscapes, and bustling cities, driving in Texas offers a unique experience. But if you genuinely want to enjoy the open roads, it is crucial to prioritize safety and responsibility.

Having the right auto insurance is crucial to protect yourself and others, especially in a state as vehicle-centric as Texas.

But finding the best auto insurance for your driving needs can be tricky — there are just too many insurance providers out there, and not all of them truly understand the Texan driving situation.

That’s why in this article, we will go over the need-to-knows of getting the best auto insurance in Texas. Let’s jump right in.

Mandatory Auto Insurance in Texas

Every state in the US provides certain standards for the minimum auto insurance you can get, and Texas is no exception. According to the Texas Office of the Public Insurance Counsel, the minimum auto insurance you should get for you to be allowed on Texas roads should cover:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury or death per person,
  • $60,000 for bodily injury or death if two or more persons are affected
  • $25,000 for property damage.

Your liability insurance covers your “financial responsibility,” which is the amount of money you are responsible for to the other party in case you ever get into a car accident.

Optional Texas Auto Insurance Coverage

But while mandatory auto insurance fulfills your financial obligation to other people, it won’t do much to save your finances from the disastrous consequences of road accidents. For that, you need to have other types of coverage, such as the following.

  • Physical damage. This insurance coverage protects you from the expense of damages to your car in case of accidents, regardless of whose fault it was. This can be further categorized into “collision coverage” and “comprehensive coverage.”
  • Personal injury protection. Also called the PIP, this insurance type covers the medical, funeral, and other personal costs of the incident, regardless of whose fault the incident was.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist. Should you get into an accident and the other party does not have enough, or even any, insurance coverage, UM or UIM coverage picks up the slack and protects your finances.

Driving in Texas is relatively safe, but it has its danger factors. It’s only prudent to pick the right combination of insurance coverages that will fit our needs.

Factors Affecting Auto Insurance Premiums in Texas

If you want to look for the best auto insurance rates in Texas, you first need to know which levers swing the price of the insurance premiums you aim to buy.

There are several factors responsible for driving up insurance premium prices, especially in the Lone Star State. Personal factors, such as age, driving history, and lifestyle, are significant determinants of your driving risk, which means they can also severely affect your insurance premiums.

But your risk is not just because of yourself – it’s also because of your environment.

This is why it’s also important to understand the specific characteristics of Texas itself. For example, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas experienced a huge increase in deaths from 2020 to 2021 (15.22%).

Texas can also have extreme weather conditions, high crash rates, DUIs, and more.

All these can contribute to an insurance premium that may be higher than the national average.

Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Provider in Texas

There are many things to consider when picking the best auto insurance for your needs in Texas, and getting everything right is important. Auto insurance isn’t just a legal requirement in this state but a vital component of responsible driving.

But if you choose the right service provider, your confidence on the road is assured. The best option for you is an insurance company who:

  • Has sufficient expertise in the industry
  • Can make policy shopping hassle-free even for beginners
  • Can offer competitive rates that perfectly fit your budget
  • Has agents that are easy to contact anytime in case you have concerns
  • Always has your best interests at the forefront

High-quality and experienced insurance providers such as Magnum Insurance will work with you to help you formulate the best policy for your exact needs.

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