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According to Becker’s Hospital CFO Report published last 2019, the average cost of in-patient hospitalization in Illinois is around $2,810. If you get admitted for any reason, you can expect to pay this amount more or less that amount every day.

This is an enormous financial burden for most people in Prairie State.

You must get the right health insurance policy for you in Illinois. This article will discuss the best insurance policy you can get in this state and how Magnum Insurance can help.

Health Insurance in Illinois

$2,810 per day on hospital expenses in Illinois is a significant financial burden for anyone, but that’s not all. This amount can go much higher depending on why you’re in the hospital.

For instance, despite the vaccination efforts, many are still affected by the pandemic. The Covid-19 virus continues to bring waves of the sick and bedridden to hospitals, although at a more manageable rate than before.

This increases the demand for hospitalization and minimizes the supply of essential medical items, such as medicine.

Additionally, among the 12.6 million residents of Illinois, about 7% remain uninsured, which means they have no recourse if they end up getting hospitalized.

Health insurance takes care of medical needs such as in-person hospitalization, outpatient procedures, prescription drugs, physical and mental rehabilitation, and more.

Without health insurance, people will be left to deal with sky-high hospitalization costs – which could quickly bring financial ruin.

It’s a good thing that the government promotes health insurance in various ways, the most common of which is through the federal ACA, or the Affordable Care Act.

One of the provisions of the ACA is that all Illinoisans must have a minimum level of health insurance, promoted through the expansion of Medicaid in Illinois.

What is Medicaid in Illinois?

Medicaid is a medical assistance service funded by the Federal and state government. This program assists eligible people in getting and paying for medical insurance to ensure their physical and financial health.

This program primarily offers three main coverages: long-term care, doctors’ fees, and hospital expenses. It may also cover medical transportation, equipment, prescription medications, laboratory tests, family planning, etc.

However, specific requirements must be met for people to qualify for Medicaid. Here are the most common requirements:

  • Citizenry. Must be a citizen, legal alien, or permanent resident.
  • Need. How much you need financial assistance for your medical concerns will also be assessed.
  • Income. The individual must belong to low to very low-income households.
  • Status. Certain physical statuses (pregnancy, disability, old age) are also grounds for acceptance.
  • Household provider. Those who have dependents, especially those with children below the age of 18 or disabled family members, will be prioritized.

How to Get Health Insurance in Illinois

The Medicaid assistance program in Illinois can be accomplished through various methods (online, in-person, mail, fax, etc.)

Make sure that you have all the requirements and know the specifics of the application process. You can find all the details on the Medicaid Guide website.

On the other hand, those who are not eligible for Medicaid or prefer to get their own provider will need to acquire their insurance in different ways.

Magnum Insurance provides free consultation and quotations for those who need health insurance in Illinois. Our services are designed specifically for your health needs, so you can rest assured that you will get the best deal for your money.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost

The state of Illinois has about $2.8 million 2,769,027 worth of HMO policy enrollment, with an average annual premium of $1,488 for employer-offered health insurance services.

With these rates, health insurance costs in Illinois can start as low as $161 per person per month and can cost as much as $589, depending on the extent of the coverage.

Of course, premiums will vary depending on several factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Harmful habits, etc

Health Resources in Illinois

Getting Illinois health insurance plans can be tedious and confusing. Thankfully, there are reliable sources that you can turn to if you need more information about the topic, such as the following:

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