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When it comes to workers comp, there are plenty of things that can change depending on your state laws. If you’re planning to ensure your business in Illinois, it’s only wise to check the specifics of workers’ compensation in your area.

In this article, we’re going to tackle the exact applications of this insurance policy in Prairie State.

Illinois Workers Compensation Settlement Guide

Most of the time, insurance settlements are paid in a lump sum. However, the state of Illinois allows two other methods of payment:

  • Wage differential: For those who can still go back to work but with less pay than before, they will receive settlement payments amounting to up to ⅔ the difference to their previous income.
  • Permanent total disability claim: For those who can no longer work because of a total disability, this method includes medical expenses and damages.

Once a settlement has been reached, the policy will typically close.

However, keep in mind that the medical rights of an insurance policy can remain open even after a settlement, especially if the claimant’s injury is likely to worsen or will require further treatment.

Illinois Workers Compensation Fee Schedule

A fee schedule dictates the maximum limit of costs covered by a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Fee schedules are essential for states with medical claims higher than the national average. This is because large numbers of shares will result in higher claim prices.

In Illinois, the fee schedule mandates that all services covered will only be priced 38% below the medical inflation. According to the official website of Illinois, the state guarantees that the workers’ comp fee schedule will cover:

  • Hospital Inpatient
  • Hospital Outpatient Surgical,
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center, etc.

The fee schedule protects most medical treatments under those hospital wings. However, anything outside of those (such as implants and carve-outs) is not covered and should be paid by the customer at the customary rate.

Workers Compensation Laws by State

Workers compensation Illinois is dictated by the Illinois Workers Compensation Act 820 ILCS 305.

By accepting workers’ comp insurance, an employee effectively surrenders the right to sue their employer, save for a few exceptions.

Usually, there are only two: when the employer doesn’t have workers comp at the time of the accident, and when the employer intended to harm the employee.

Once a workers’ compensation claim has been made, the settlement normally covers:

  • Medical treatment
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Wage loss benefits, etc.

After the proper amount has been reached, insurers will typically close the claim, and the claimant will not be allowed to demand future compensation, even if they need more treatment in the future.

However, insurers might sometimes provide limited settlements that allow claimants to still receive future medical benefits in severe or worsening injury cases.

Workers Compensation Requirements by State

In Illinois, the requirements for workers comp eligibility are:

  • Proof that the injury happened within the scope of their employment or work environment
  • A report of the accident within the next 45 days
  • A claim filed within three years of the injury or two years within the last compensation

Getting Workers Compensation in Illinois

No matter where you are, workers’ compensation is an essential topic to learn about. If you’re planning to establish a business in Prairie State, then you now know where you stand.

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